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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sarah (Feldt) Muldoon (BS Physics 2004) writes that "after graduating from KU, I attended graduate school at the University of Michigan where I received my PhD (Physics) in 2009 under the guidance of Michal Zochowski. My dissertation was titled "Understanding the Interplay of Structure and Dynamics in Neuronal Networks". As the title suggests, I am one of the growing number of physicists working in the field of neuroscience. Much of my training in graduate school was related to complex systems and network theory and I am now focusing on increasing my knowledge of biology and neuroscience through my postdocs. My first postdoc was through an NIH Epilepsy Training Grant at the University of California, Irvine in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology working with Ivan Solstez. Through this postdoc experience I began a collaboration with Rosa Cossart in France, and now have a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship to work with her group at the Institut de Neurobiologie de la Méediterranée in Marseille, France. Additionally, in 2011, I got married to a philosopher that I met at the SFI Complex Systems Summer School in Beijing, China so future publications will come from Sarah Feldt Muldoon!"