Astronomy Undergraduate Program

Astronomy Minor Requirements

Minors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are constructed with the following basic requirements: 18 hours in the minor field, with 12 of those hours required to be at a junior/senior level.   The specific requirements for the astronomy minor follow:

Required Courses Hours
PHSX 211 and PHSX 216 (or PHSX 213) General Physics I/lab 5
PHSX 212 and PHSX 236 (or PHSX 214) General Physics II/lab 4
PHSX 313 General Physics III 3
PHSX 316 Intermediate Physics Laboratory 1
  Astronomy and related field electives at the jr/sr level  8 or more

Students are strongly advised to take Astronomy 391 as their introductory course in astronomy; if students have already taken Astronomy 191 as an introductory astronomy course, they should inquire about taking 3 credit hours of Astronomy 390 instead.  Be aware that Astronomy 591 and 592 are only taught in alternate years (Fall odd / Spring even) semesters.

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