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Jim Arnold continues to work

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jim Arnold (BS Engineering Physics 1962) writes that while he retired from his civil service position as Chief of the Space Technology Division at NASA in 2002 after a 40-year career with NASA, he has continued to work closely with the same organization since then as an employee of the University of California, Santa Cruz. Currently he is an IPA with Ames and plans to work full time for a few more years. He has been working recently with others on the entry, descent and landing engineering challenges of putting humans on Mars (Design Reference Architecture 5) and, in 2010, on Entry, Descent and Landing Systems Analysis. Both of these studies have publications associated with the work. He notes that he has regularly emphasized to his colleagues that the undergraduate work he did at KU in Engineering Physics prepared him very well for his four decades of work at NASA and the graduate work he took while employed by NASA Ames.