Allen, Robert D.
Senior Managing Editor - Web MD, Atlanta, GA.
Atwell, Jesse
Senior Vice President Marketing at Triple 8 Management, Austin, Texas
Barker, Edwin Stephen
Retired - Planetary Astronomer, Orbital Debris Program Office, Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Office, NASA-Johnson Space Center
Bishir, David W.
Support Staff, Michigan Administrative Information Services, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Bricker, Andrew R.
Physics Teacher, Lawrence High School, Lawrence, KS
Campins, Humberto C.
Professor, Department of Physics, University of Central Florida - Orlando, Florida
Clark, Scott T.
Ph.D. Dept. of Physics, Boston University - Boston, MA, 2007
Clark (Mayer), Lindsay
Geophysicist, Chevron, Houston, TX
Manager of Integration Management, NASA-Johnson Space Center - Houston, TX
Corder, Stuartt A.
Deputy Director, Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA), Chile
Corwin, Harold G., Jr
Staff Scientist, Infrared Processing and Anaysis Center, California Institute of Technology - Pasadena, CA
Cracraft, Misty
Research and Instrument Analysis, Space Telescope Science Institute
Craig, Jason S.
Solar System Visualization Team, Jet Propulsion Lab, California Institute of Technology
Publications Manager, Nevada Bureau of Mines & Geology, University of Nevada, Reno
Custard, William J.
Manager, Analytics & Reporting at Quality Technology Services, Kansas City, Missouri
Daniel, Scott A.
Faculty, Director of Technology, Barstow School - Kansas City, MO
De Lee, Nathan
Assistant Professor, Northern Kentucky University
Denton, Bradley C.
Author, Science Fiction
Dominik, Kurt G.
Software Engineer at FireMon, Overland Park, Kansas
Driskill, Henry (Hank)
Software Developer, Walt Disney Animated Features, Burbank, CA
Dyck, Stanley G.
Sr Software Engineer at MedPlus, Seattle, WA
Senior Systems Administrator III at The University of Iowa HealthCare - Iowa City, Iowa
Retired - Colorado Springs, CO
Enfranca, Gina L.
Quality Control Scientist at Catalent Pharma Solutions, Kansas City, MO
Everett, Mark
Research Scientist, National Optical Astronomy Associates - Tucson, AZ
Swift, Hannah K.
Graduate Student, Physics Dept., Berkeley
MA: Astronomy - 1965

Deceased: 11/30/04

Garrett, Jason M.
Speechwriter for the Commander , Public Affairs Director for Community Outreach - United States Pacific Fleet
Gilliland, Ronald L.
Professor of Practice, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Penn State University
Goodrich, Bret D.
Senior Software Engineer, National Solar Observatory, National Optical Astronomy Observatories - Tucson, AZ
Gort, James E.
Senior Security Consultant and President, Network Analytics Ltd. Ottawa, ONT., Director, Oxford Observatory
Haack, Peter R.
Wedding Photography at Emily+Pete: Wedding Photographers, Lawrence, Kansas - Lawrence, KS
Hand, Jennifer
Research Scientist, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO
Instructional Technologist - University of California, San Diego
Henderson, Katie
Stress Analyst - Spirit AeroSystems, Wichita
Henry, Daniel S.
Senior Software Engineer at Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems
Henry, Richard B. C.
Professor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, University of Oklahoma - Norman, OK
Hesser, James E.
Director, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, NRC of Canada, Acting Director General, HIA - Victoria, BC
Hill, Stephen M.
Technical Support at Allen Press, Inc., Lawrence, KS
Hills, Jack G.
Retired: Laboratory Fellow, Los Alamos National Lab - Los Alamos, NM
Horak, Henry G.
Retired - Los Alamos, NM


Please see this comprehensive history of Astronomy at KU and biography of Henry Horak: Mid-twentieth-century astronomy at the University of Kansas.

Computer Consultant, Decision Consulting, Inc.
Lead Unix/Linux Systems Engineer at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, St. Louis
James, John T.
Chief Toxicologist- Johnson Space Center, NASA
Jaquay, Kevin
BS: Astronomy - 2008
Retired - Charlotte, NC
Johnson, Lindley N.
Program Manager, Near Earth Objects Observation Program, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Jones, Robert P.
Associate Professor, Prairie View A & M University
Kraus, Adam
Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Austin
Clay Fellow, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Retired - Director of Special Education - Saratoga, WY
Kunce, James D.
Senior Vice-President and Chief Actuary of The Medical Protective Co., Ft. Wayne, IN

James Liebert graduated from KU with a BS in Astronomy in 1968. His undergraduate advisor was Prof. N. Wyman Storer. James is retired from the University of Arizona where he was a Professor of Astronomy.

Liebst, Kelley
Graduate Student: School of Earth and Space Exploration - Arizona State University
Lindholm, Douglas M.
Software Engineer/Programmer Lab for Atmospheric and Space Science, Boulder, CO
Little, Stephen J.
Retired - Estes Park, CO
Long, Daniel C.
Chief Telescope Engineer, New Mexico State University - Apache Point Observatory - Sunspot, NM
Research Staff Member at Institute for Defense Analyses, Alexandria, Virginia
Director, Financial Risk Analysis, Federal Home Loan Bank, Topeka
Mellon, Troy D.
IT Systems Engineer/Senior Consultant at Banner Health, Johnstown, Colorado
BS: Astronomy - 1983
Meyers, Joshua E.
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Physics Dept., Stanford University
Computer Programmer - Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Aurora, CO
BS: Astronomy - 1995
Milingo, Jacquelynne B.
Chairperson, Associate Professor, Physics Department, Gettysburg College - Gettysburg, PA.
Millsap, Donald
Nuclear and Radiation Graduate Engineering Program, Cockerell School of Engineering, UT -Austin
Mukherjee, Krishna
Instructor, Dept. of Physics, Slippery Rock University - Slippery Rock, PA
Nelson (Linn), Angela Marie
Staff Scientist/Risk Analyst, ACTA, Inc.
Nunes, Daniel Cahn
Staff Scientist/Risk Analyst, ACTA, Inc.
Graduate Student, Department of Physics, Texas Tech University
Payne, Don M.
Application Developer at Honeywell FM&T, Albuquerque, NM
Payne (Whitacre), Tamara E.
Principal Scientist, Applied Optimization Inc., Dayton, OH
Senior Programmer/Analyst, Public Service Electric & Gas - Newark, NJ
Flight Test Engineer, Cessna Aircraft Corp. - Wichita, KS
Reinhart, Merle D.
Technical Staff, Space Telescope Science Institute - Baltimore, Maryland
Rich, Evan
Graduate Student, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy - University of Oklahoma
Robertson, Jeffrey
Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences- Arkansas Tech University - Russellville, AR
Rowland, William F.
Graduate Student, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, University of Kansas
Research Scientist, Los Alamos National Lab - Los Alamos, NM
Schafer, Brian
Instructor - Washburn University
Shields, Joseph Charles
Vice President for Research & Creative Activity, Dean of the Graduate College, Ohio University - Athens, Ohio
Smiley, Patrick D.
Sateliite Operations Specialist, Lockheed, Inc. - San Jose, CA.
Smith, Theodore V.
Retired - Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences, Broward Community College, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Snell, Ronald L.
Professor, Chair, Five College Astronomy Dept., Head, Dept. of Astronomy, University of Mass.- Amherst, MASS.
Snyder (Stockham), Jessica G.
Graduate Student, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Stewart, Robert L.
Physics Teacher, Shawnee Mission Northwest High School - Shawnee Mission, KS.
Strathman, Brent A.
Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Government, Dartmouth University
Attorney, Bedford, NH
Topaz 2000, Inc. - East Aurora, NY
Tanner, Delora
Raytheon Corp., Tucson, AZ
Astronomer, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii - Honolulu, HI
MD: Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, St. Louis, MO
Tinker, Jeremy L.
Senior Research Scientist, Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics, Department of Physics, New York University, NY
Machinist, Eskridge, Inc. - Olathe, KS
Vargas, Luis
Graduate Student, Department of Astronomy,Yale University
Voisey, Jon
HS Math and Science Teacher, St. Louis
Westergren, Gary D.
Retired- R&D Manager for the School of Information Science and Learning Technology, MU
R&D Engineer, Space Systems Loral - Palo Alto, CA
Wolff, Jeremy M.
Lawyer, Charese Rohny Law Office LLC, Portland, OR
RETIRED - Supervisor, Conoco, Inc. - Houston, TX
Research Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, - Berkeley, CA
Younger, Paul F.
Operator, Aurora Astronomical Services - Victoria, BC
Yu, Judy
Sr. Systems Engineer and Consultant, BD Accuri Cytometers, Harpst House, LLC, Ann Arbor

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